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Give your content a voice, within a budget of your choice

Audio Content for Your Audience

Convert your content to audio using text to speech synthesis and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly embedded audio players. Create, embed and distribute your content in audio format to increase the reach and them more engaging and accessible to your audience.

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Listen button in every article

Attract, engage and retain your audiences. Make every article playable.

Statistics show that 5-10% of the users visiting an article prefer listening. What's interesting is that these are very active listeners, and generally have an average completion rate (consumption of the article) of around 90%.

Choose from multiple different, and fully customizable audio players.

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Reach audience on-the-go

Offering articles in an audible format is not something very new. But, audio content is definitely seeing a massive boom as audiences seek for more convenient ways to consume content online.

A majority of people consume content while commuting, exercising, and traveling. Make sure your content is accessible to this 'earpod' generation.

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Podcast Hosting

Create RSS feeds of your generated audio so you can distribute your articles as podcasts to iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

Turn chapters into episodes to increase your exposure, and add additional revenue streams. Take on a new challenge, and create a clear, consistent and continuous outline for listeners.

Increase the scalability of your time to get the most out of each day to produce more and more knowledge.

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260+ Natural Text to Speech Voices

Choose from the best and most realistic natural sounding AI Text to Speech voices in the market.

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Full Speech Synthesis & Multi-Voice Support

Synthesize speech using tones, emphasis, pronunciations along with multi-voice support.

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Commercial & Broadcast Rights

Full Commercial and Broadcast Rights for the voiceovers you create using our online voice generator.

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Natural Artificial Intelligence Voices & Realistic Neural Text to Speech

Create Natural Text to Voice Audio for Your Books, Articles, Websites, eLearning, and Videos. Generate realistic speech from text using AI Voice Generator and best Text to Speech voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

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Embedded Audio Players for Articles and Web Pages

 Create high-quality audio versions of your articles, and web pages using realistic Neural Text to Speech (NTTS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly embedded audio players to increase content reach, accessibility & user engagement. With 50 languages and 260+ natural sounding Text to Speech male and female voices, 1BK enables you to deliver high-quality listening experiences for your audience.

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Audio on the Go for Books, eLearning, Podcasts &  Videos

1BK voice generator with natural Neural Text to Speech (NTTS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices, to generate high-quality speech files with format MP3 using 260+ realistic AI voices from Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.
Save time, with global commercial and broadcast rights, and set the tone with custom pronunciation, and choose multiple voices, to generate realistic narration for more engagement and expand the reach for more readers on the go.

A Powerful Text to Voice Generator

1BK is integrated with a powerful speech generator using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Text to Speech (NTTS) technologies, and with outstanding synthesis controls to instantly create realistic and natural voiceovers and download as MP3 files.

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Save Time

Unlike waiting for delivery when working with voice actors, you can instantly create audio with 1BK.

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Custom Pronunciations

Take fine control over pronunciation and change how certain words should be pronounced. These can include your company name, and slang.

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Set Tones

Set the right tone of your Voice Over audio by changing just a few attributes of the voice.

Choose The Best and Most Realistic Text to Speech Voices

1BK provide 508+ of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Neural Text to Speech (NNTS) voices powered by Google WaveNet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure to help you generate natural voiceovers from text. Embed a friendly audio player in webpages or download the audio as MP3 files for your content. Choose from a growing library of 260+ natural sounding AI voices across 55+ languages to generate accurate and realistic speech.

Voices by Language

Arabic • Egyptian Arabic • Saudi Arabic • Modern Standard Arabic • Bulgarian • Indian Bengali • Spanish Catalan • Czech • British Welsh • Danish • Austrian German • Swiss German • German • Greek • Australian English • Canadian English • British English • Welsh English • Irish English • Indian English • American English • Spanish • Laotian Spanish • Mexican Spanish • American Spanish • Finnish • Filipino • Canadian French • Swiss French • French • Indian Gujarati • Israeli Hebrew • Indian Hindi • Croatian • Hungarian • Indonesian • Icelandic • Italian • Japanese • Indian Kannada • South Korean • Indian Malayalam • Malaysian Malay • Norwegian Bokmål • Dutch • Polish • Brazilian Portuguese • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Slovak • Slovenian Slovene • Swedish • Indian Tamil • Indian Telugu • Thai • Turkish • Ukrainian • Vietnamese • Chinese • Hong Kong Chinese • Taiwanese Chinese

Voices by Technology Provider

Amazon Polly • Google WaveNet • IBM Watson • Microsoft Azure

What makes 1BK Audio Factory Unique?

Customized Pronunciation Customized Tone Customized Pause
Customized Styles Customized Breathing Customized Services

Custom Pronunciation

Custom Tone

Custom Pause

Custom Styles

News (Formal), News (Casual), Conversational, Customer Service, Chat, Cheerful, Empathetic, Calm, Assistant, Sad, Angry, Fearful, Disgruntled, Serious, Affectionate, Gentle, Lyrical

Auto Breathing

Newscaster Voices

These Newscaster voices will make your words sound even more realistic

Sample 1: The Bond Between People and Cats

“Yes, cats really do bond with people, study says, even if they don't always show it. Some cats may seem a little more aloof than dogs, but they respond to the people they've bonded with in a similar way, according to a new study. Research at Oregon State University has shown that cats can form secure or insecure bonds with their owners. The researchers now believe the trait isn't specific to dogs, as similar research has shown, since it now applies to cats.”


Sample 2: Becoming Who You Are

“Becoming Who You Are: Why Don’t Most People Reach Their Potential? There are two states of being: surviving and thriving. To survive is to limit downside, to eliminate the risk of ruin — it means fulfilling our basic need for food and shelter and companionship. Thriving is different: It’s an attempt to transcend a state of existence not out of fear but out of desire and yearning.”


“Becoming Who You Are: Why Don’t Most People Reach Their Potential? There are two states of being: surviving and thriving. To survive is to limit downside, to eliminate the risk of ruin — it means fulfilling our basic need for food and shelter and companionship. Thriving is different: It’s an attempt to transcend a state of existence not out of fear but out of desire and yearning.”

Sample 3: Climate Change Is Already Displacing Millions of People

“Climate Change Is Already Displacing Millions of People. It's Our Responsibility to Help Them The technological sophistication of modern life masks a simple reality: we all need oxygen, water and food to survive. But the divide between those who have the resources they need to exist and those who don’t only continues to grow. And with the growing specter of climate change, people who live in vulnerable regions like Oceania—the countries and territories within the southwest Pacific Ocean—face the loss of their livelihoods, homes and future.”


Audio Factory Products

WordPress Plugin Makes your blog posts listenable as podcasts

Create, embed and distribute your WordPress blog posts as audio to provide a unique Audio Story telling experience for your audience, with no more hunting for voice over actors. No more waiting for days. Just sync your content, choose a voice and create realistic voice over audio for your audience.

Medium Chrome Extension Makes your stories listenable as podcasts

Create, embed and distribute your Medium stories as audio using the most realistic and natural voices to narrate your stories, and provide a listening experience for your audience to allow people to listen to your stories when they have reading difficulties, or they are on the go or just multitasking.

Audio Factory Pricing

Pricing Plans for Creating and Hosting Audio Files

 Save your time and efforts, to focus on creating more knowledge, while we are creating commercial-use MP3 audio files for your content, using premium high quality  Text to Speech voices, and will host them with a friendly and customizable audio player.

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180 USD / Year

Best for individual content creators with commercial intent.

120,000 Words

Premium Voices

Unlimited Revisions

Commercial Use

Speech Styles

Multi-Voice Feature

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480 USD / Year

Best for individual content creators looking to grow with audio content

360,000 Words

Everything from Starter

White-Labelled Audio Players

Audio Analytics

Podcasting Solution

Email Lead Generation

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1,280 USD / Year

Best for organizations and agencies looking to create audio content at scale.

1,200,000 Words

Everything from Growth

Multiple Websites

Multiple Podcast Hosting

Re-brand and Re-sell

Bulk Audio Creation

Automated Solutions

24/7 Technical Support

Pricing Plans for Creating Audio Files

 Save your time and efforts, to focus on creating more knowledge, while we are creating MP3 Audio files for your content, using standard high quality Text to Speech voices.
Purchase one-time words for personal-use or top up words for your existing plan

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I purchase a subscription?

If you intend to use the audio for commercial purposes, or need features such as Premium Voices, Embedded Audio Players, Podcast Hosting, etc. then you need a subscription.

When should I purchase words?

If you are looking to use the audio for personal purposes where you simply want to convert text to audio and have them as MP3 files, then purchasing words should suffice.

Additionally, if you have a subscription and you run out of words, you can purchase words as a way of re-charging your word credit. In this case, you will be able to use the audio for commercial purpose as you will have a valid subscription.

When do words get deducted?

Words get deducted when you want to "Convert" or "Re-Convert" / "Revise" text to audio.

That means whenever you want to create a new audio or editing (re-converting) (revising) audio, the words will get deducted.

Re-Converting or revising an exiting audio will deduct the full amount of words because the full text needs to be converted to regenerate the audio.

What if I finish my words?

If you run out of words, you can simply purchase more words using the 'Buy Words' option.

Do words expire if not used?

No, the words don't expire, they will remain in your account, maintained by 1BK Audio Factory, until you use them.

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes, we accept PayPal payments. An invoice will be sent to you by PayPal which has all the necessary information.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will still be able to use any unused words in your account. But, you will lose access to any features that come with your subscription. You will lose any customizations or white-label of the audio players the day you cancel.

If you had any embedded audio players they will continue to work for 90 days from the date you cancel and will then stop functioning. 

If you had used the audio for any commercial purposes, they will still be valid.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription anytime. Just let us know and we'll help you out.

How to upgrade my subscription?

If you are on a subscription and want to upgrade, then you can do so by simply paying the difference amount. Let us know and we'll send you a payment link to pay the difference amount.

Audio Factory Business Process

Based in Dubai, Audio Factory is commissioned by independent author and publisher, Fouad Sabry, in United Arab Emirates to create audio versions of his titles using natural and realistic Neural Text To Speech (TTS) voices, with state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI). 1BK Founder, Fouad Sabry, would like to help the first 1,000 authors in person, and works as a project manager across all audiobook productions and liaises directly with title rights holders throughout the process.

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An audio and/or video conference is established between the client and the designated project manager to introduce the 1BK Audio Factory features and capabilities and answer any relevant questions and have ready prepared samples.

In most cases we are approached directly through our website by a rights holder, such as independent authors or publishers, who asks for a quote and an idea about how the process works.

If they like what they hear and want to work with us then, we will agree with the client with the best plan (Starter, Growth, and Business) suitable for fulfilling the requirements.

A PayPal invoice will be sent to the client, and upon successful payment, the project will be officially kicked off.

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We will run auditions for a NTTS AI narrators, that we will then present to the rights holder, so they can make a choice. We often cast our projects within a pool of NTTS AI narrators we constantly work with. We will make recommendations and provide samples upon receiving the following information:

(1) Genre and synopsis, 

(2) An overview of main characters and setting in addition to any notes on specific accents, and,

(3) The deadline for delivering final audiobook.

Once the rights holder has given us a list of NTTS AI narrators they would like to audition, we’ll cut an audition piece from the manuscript that we feel will allow the rights holder to make a well-informed decision. We will always find passages including main characters and those with specific voice requirements such as an accent.

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When reading the book, the producers are creating a plan for the production, concentrating on the following:

(1) Characters – Who they are, who they interact with and how they can be voiced,

(2) Narrative structure – Personally, I like to think about the tempo of passages and emotion, looking at how the story transitions from page to page, so I can offer suggestions and guidance to the narrator if I need to,

(3) Checking pronunciations including character and place names, and

(4) Highlighting issues where the text doesn’t cross over so well to audio and offering solutions. 

The project manager will act as a point of contact between Audio Factory and the rights holder and discuss issues and queries. We’re very keen for author involvement and ask publishers to involve them if possible so we can correspond over key creative decisions and the voicing and portrayal of characters. After discussing character voicing with the author, dialogue samples for key characters will be recorded. The author can then review these recordings and provide feedback so we can make tweaks accordingly.

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Every audiobook production is different and the final duration of two books with the same word count can vary for a number of reasons including the narrator’s natural pacing settings and the construction of the narrative.

Regarding the latter, if you imagine a 2,000-word scene where a scared child walks through a haunted house, the narrator could be adjusted to slow down the delivery in order to build tension and suspense. As a result, that will be longer in duration than other 2,000-word passages in the book. We can’t judge based on word count, we can only ever estimate; the  productions of 100,000-word titles came in more or less 11 hours. Most of the narrators on our website can deliver 9,000 words per hour.

Wherever possible we’ll record each chapter in order, though sometimes we may change for various reasons. One example: grouping all chapters with one particularly difficult accent together can make it easier for the narrator.

Whilst I have my notes, I only interject with performance notes if I feel a line or passage could be tackled differently and don’t necessarily have the final say! Other than that, I’m engineering the session and listening out for misreads and mispronounced words, and where the delivery isn’t quite right (mumbled words, wrong intonation etc.).

As we’re recording, I’ll be following the manuscript and making notes, sending status updates at regular intervals.

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The production process includes the following:

(1) Editing – without getting too in-depth, it’s taking the raw audio and following the notes to remove anything that shouldn’t be in there to leave a clean read. 

(2) Mixing – the mix process uses a combination of equalization (EQ) to adjust the tonal characteristics of the narrator’s voice and audio compression to ensure a constant volume level throughout a chapter,

(3) Mastering – this is the final step in the audio post production workflow. It uses compression, limiting to achieve a finished audio book that is consistent in volume and quality throughout to make for a pleasant listening experience for the consumer,

(4) Proofing – we listen back through and highlight any issues such as misread lines, and mispronounced words we’ve missed and mark them up for a pick up session. Rights holders are offered the opportunity to do the same, and

(5) Pick up session – we review any issues highlighted during the proofing and hold a session with NTTS AI narrator where we make any re-records that are necessary. This is always scheduled at the start of the process.

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The final audio (master files) are shared with the rights holder.

The audio files are hosted accordingly for storage and safety.

The embed code for each audio file with the friendly audio player is shared with with the rights holder for any podcasting.

Audio Factory Professional Services