The Problem and Solution


Ignorance is the Root of all Evil

Ignorance + Poverty = Crime

Ignorance + Richness = Corruption

Ignorance + Freedom = Chaos

Ignorance + Authority = Tyranny

Ignorance + Religion = Terrorism

But if you replace 'Ignorance' with 'Knowledge':

Knowledge + Poverty = Satisfaction

Knowledge + Richness = Creativity

Knowledge + Freedom = Happiness

Knowledge + Authority = Justice

Knowledge + Religion = Integrity

So, I once asked myself a question, If I could change only ONE aspect of the world to make it a better place, what would that be? I reached a conclusion that it would be making the people more knowledgeable. I felt like this aspect could have the power to social change for a better world.

Ignorance may not be the root of all evil. Evil can be committed with many different types of agendas. BUT ignorance is definitely a good answer as to why evil remains, and sometimes ignorance is the direct root cause.

Most people believe knowledge is power and that success depends on how much a person knows. Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action can be useless, we gain knowledge by taking action, without action, knowledge is useless, and knowledge is not necessarily understanding.

Imagine you have a bucket. If every time, you tried to fill this bucket, 90% of the water leaked out, you probably would not fill this bucket until the leak is fixed. All the reading you do, is like filling a bucket which leaks 90% of the water. You only retain 10% of what you read may be after 24-hour period. Knowledge is power, but you are wasting time acquiring it if you retain very little of it. This the key finding behind the study that produced the learning pyramid.


#1BK Community

So, if people are knowledgeable and can retain their knowledge by reading, listening, and watching, and ultimately to teach others to become more knowledgeable; we will drain out most of the roots of the evil in this world.

This mission may be the most important of our time. Together we can make this happen. This mission is my attempt to fulfill the task to change only ONE aspect of the world to try to make it a better place.

Sharing knowledge has a great positive impact, so I took an ambitious mission: To help one billion people become more knowledgeable. #1BK is a community, I ask you to join, so together we can create a large global community to make the world better place, to fight ignorance by making you, more knowledgeable, deeply aware, well informed, broadly learned, and wonderfully cultivated so people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment.


#1BK Factory

Attracting 'knowledge producers' for average subjects and sophisticated ones and help them to produce knowledge in every possible format; and in every possible language, translating to 100+ languages; and in every possible channel; e-books and audio books marketplaces. This will save their time and effort, to focus on more knowledge.

Attracting 'knowledge contributors' to contribute in many tasks; translation, narration, and illustration.

The platform is a must to govern the process between producers, contributors, and 'Knowledge Consumers'; and offers incentives to produce more than consume knowledge.

The cycle will continue, and every person can be a producer, contributor, or consumer.

If every member can convince 10 persons to join, surely, the community will reach 1 billion in 10 years.

Building the 'Knowledge Factory' by software, automation and systems, to produce knowledge content in every language and in every format, and distribute to many channels, and to have an online presence; website, social media, etc... to be in every language, with a local community in every city.


#1BK Moonshot

When humans launched a craft to the space to put a man on the moon, they did not know they will succeed, but, surely, had enough passion for it. A moonshot is committing to solving a problem before you know you can make it happen. #1BK is a moonshot, and together we can make it happen.

Encouraging the knowledge consumers to become knowledge producers, and knowledge contributors, and earn more funds in the e-wallet.

So, I appreciate very much, and I will be very grateful if you can do the following:

1- Make knowledge your first priority. Being knowledgeable is your right.

2- Develop your passion to knowledge. Explore the resources, and invest in your knowledge, because knowledge is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

3- Participate by contribution in enhancing existing knowledge and producing new knowledge simple for the people to be knowledgeable and detailed for the professionals to be enlightened.

4- Share the message, push it forward, tell 10 people about the message, who will tell 10 people, who will tell 10 people, and in 10 years, we will reach 1 billion.

5- Donate with any value to achieve the mission. 

Let us push the human race forward...


One Billion Knowledgeable (1BK), 1BK Official 15 April, 2020
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