Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence is the discipline that deals with natural and artificial systems composed of many individuals that coordinate using decentralized control and self-organization.

About Swarm Intelligence Courses

In swarm intelligence, we deal with a group of simple and usually homogenous individuals with simple rules. The swarm can achieve a complex and intelligent behavior through the local interactions between its members. This collective property can be very well used in technical systems as well as in optimization of complex problems. One advanced application of swarm intelligence is in the area of swarm robotics in which simple small robots can collectively learn to achieve some predefined complex tasks. During this course, the algorithms of swarm intelligence are presented, analyzed and compared.

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Knowledge you will gain

Real-world examples. Models of Swarm Behaviours. Artificial life program. Self-propelled particles. Evolutionary algorithms. Stochastic Diffusion Search. Ant colony optimization. Particle swarm optimization. Artificial Swarm Intelligence. Ant-based routing. Crowd simulation. Human swarming. Swarm grammars. Swarmic art.

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Fouad Sabry is the former Head of Business Development for Applications at HP. After working more than 20 years in Information Technology and Telecommunications fields, Fouad joined HP and helped develop the business in tens of markets across Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. Currently, Fouad is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of One Billion Knowledgeable.

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Syllabus - What you will learn from the Swarm Intelligence courses

{01}-Swarm Intelligence Introduction

{02}-Swarm Intelligence Real-World examples

{03}-Swarm Intelligence of Hive Mind

{04}-Taxonomy of Swarm Intelligence

{05}-Properties of Swarm Intelligence System

{06}-Studies and Application of Swarm Intelligence

{07}-Making Simple Technology Much Smarter

{08}-Models of Swarm Behaviors

{09}-Artificial Life Program

{10}-Self-Propelled Particles

{11}-Evolutionary Algorithms

{12}-Stochastic Diffusion Search

{13}-Ant Colony Optimization

{14}-Particle Swarm Optimization

{15}-Artificial Swarm Intelligence

{16}-Ant-Based Routing

{17}-Crowd Simulation

{18}-Human Swarming

{19}-Swarm Grammars

{20}-Swarmic Art

{21}-New Way to Think About Business

{22}-Swarm Intelligence Blends Global and Local Insight

{23}-Making our Life and Business Easier

{24}-The Rise of the Swarm Intelligence Era

{25}-Innovation Booster and Enabler for Change Management

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